Manufacturing preparedness for the next decade?

Globalization has resulted in the outsourcing of manufacturing and supply chain where the fabric of US manufacturing infrastructure is at risk. Supply chain and manufacturing have been optimized to generate profits by leveraging flexible and cost-effective resources.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is forcing companies to look critically at their manufacturing supply chain as financial, political, health, and economic conditions are disrupting demand, capacity, and supply. Companies in the coming year will look to technology to position themselves for the next decade.

Automation and Robotics will lead this transition. Digitization and connectivity will form the building blocks for an organization to realize its goals. Manufacturing and New Product Manufacturing (NPM), requires a high degree of data collection, data processing, interactive discussions, and decision making. Companies will invest in tools and resources to adopt new technologies to reduce their manufacturing and supply chain risks. Startups will play an essential role in bringing technology to manufacturing and supply chain giving birth to new investments in operation technology (OpsTech).

Clip Automation is a startup that is changing the product manufacturing landscape. Founded by former Apple engineers, Clip aspires to revolutionize the future of manufacturing work. We believe technology-enabled manufacturing will lead us to a future that’s better than today.

– Sriny Sundararajan