How it Works

Connect Your Machines

Connectivity to all modern and legacy industrial assets with our library of 150+ pre built connectors. Extract data from Manual stations by adding sensors, peripherals and cameras to gain valuable insights.

Map Your Process

Map out the process necessary for your products production and identify key performance indicators of each equipment from input and output variables.

Aggregate & Visualize

Calculate OEE, availability, performance, and other metrics at the site, line, cell, and station levels. Customized dashboards tailored to CxO, management, process engineers, manufacturing engineers and more.

Analyze & Predict

Enable data driven decision-making by analyzing your floor performance to identify and correct inefficiencies. Detect events, predict machine failure, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce downtime.

Live Video

Access real time video feed of your assets from anywhere in the world. Get alerted when incidents arise and easily escalate the incidents to your team for immediate resolution.

Share Data

Securily connect and integrate with 3rd party applications to get the most out of your data. Built with APIs & an available SDK.

Improve Overall Quality

Tracks incoming supplier quality, process yield, retest and product quality using video analytics,  computer vision and historical supplier data.

Better Asset Utilization

Monitors the health of your device and enables teams to predict, diagnose, prevent failures and increase remaining useful life.

Performance Optimization

Optimize Cycle time, reduce downtime, run what-if scenarios by feeding factory data to digital twin and simulation.  

Secure & Seamless Collaboration

Connect your global teams to vendors, and supplier to share, collaborate and track issue resolution maintaining complete transparency.