Operations Visibility & Analytics

stay connected with your supply chain

  • Connect Legacy & Industrial Assets
  • Extract Performance, KPIs & Event Data
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Live Monitoring, Video & Analytics
  • Share with Existing Data Infrastructure

Global Deployment

What We Do

Connect your machines, processes, products & people

Visualize your site operations

Enable Real-time Supply Chain wide Data Sharing & Control

Understand your Data

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Maximize Profit

Control your costs by being proactive. Reduce maintenance costs by optimizing maintenance plans and preventing production loss.

Extend Your Assets Lifetime

Monitors the health of your device and enables teams to predict, diagnose, prevent failures and increase remaining useful life

Minimize Downtime

Optimize cycle time and reduce unscheduled downtime by receiving predictive insights on your assets health that alert you of future failures.

Improve Efficiency

Effectively managing assets is the differentiating factor for top performing companies. Gain a competitive edge by optimizing your assets.

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